So, here it is, the 3rd day of this thing called NaBloPoMo; an abbreviation for National Blog Post Month….annnd…I’m blogging for the second day straight. Yay me! Once this post is up, I’ll be self-rewarding with a donut; which by the way is a shortened spelling of the original term doughnut…which begs a question about names.
It’s not enough that you parents agonized over what delightful name to give you as a freshly hatched human; without having folks decide to shorten it. I have a cousin  Susan, but woe be to the presumptuous putz who presumes to call her “Sue,” or worse “Susie.” That’s not her name, and if she doesn’t abbreviate it, then neither should you.

But it’s not unheard of to shorten words or names, it’s what we do to language. We’re butchers of our own vernacular…or are we? Present day English is different than 100 years ago.
Hell, present day English is different all over the world. While the rules of grammar are essentially the same, but the vocabulary grows and changes. Every September, the Oxford English Dictionary adds new words into the lexicon that are  that have been incorporated into everyday use. Language is a living thing, and sometimes the changes seem regressive. If you doubt that, I challenge you to look at the list, for this year you will find biatch, focking, slacktivist and YOLO. I’m not even kidding. YASS!
So, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise to find that adapt new terminology even faster than the speed of the dictionary. Whether it’s a celeb name, couple or event, the populace by way of social media, has either shortened it or combined it into a cutesy nickname, because damn, we’re whimsical AND lazy.

Entertainment media is especially adept at at combining and contracting celebrities who are dating. Or sometimes not dating. Hell, there’s a contraction for being in a relationship. It’s  ‘ship. Although the term is commonly used by teenagers on fanfiction, it Because those three extra syllables are so cumbersome. It’s not like they make the difference in whether or not you scorch a Hot Pocket in the microwave. But I digress…

Celebs who are ‘shipping, find their names mashed-up along the lines of:

Hiddleswift…in fact, Taylor Swift (T-Swift) has several. By the time I learn the current one, it becomes a former one.
If you aren’t sure who is who, Google will help get you sorted out.

Contraction mashups have become quite the trend for events, too.
NaNoWriMo-National Novel Writing Month
NaBloPoMo-National Blog Posting Month
You get the idea. So, in the spirit of whimsy and being lackadaisical…whimsidaisical…I shall create a few mash-up events for the rest of the month.

NoMoSugMo-Nov. 1st, after eating wayy too much Halloween Candy
NaPugSnoMo-National Pug Snoring Month…but really it’s every day… EVERY. MOTHER-PUG-SNUFFLIN’ DAY.
NaFroYoMo-Self Explanatory.
NoDriFoYuMo-Grounding the teenager for taking the car without permission and not filling the gas tank.
SnoHomoBingo-That’s a legit thing. Check it out here.
SloYoRollMo-Any time you take a month to enjoy some leisure time and get out of the rat race.

I’ll send these to the Oxford English Dictionary people to see if they will put these in the lexicon.